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Liner notes by Dan Pappalardo

Feveband was a tradition passed down through generations of Oberlin students. As a prospective student, I saw the band under the direction of Rafiq Bhatia and I dreamed of touching people the way that band touched me. The Feve (essentially the only bar in Oberlin) was a meeting place for students from both the Conservatory and the College, as well as for the folks living in town. From the fall of 2012 to the spring of 2013, the Feve was home; that broad swath of people, our family.

Sunday nights at the Feve were the time to synthesize what we were learning from our teachers and from each other, away from institutional constraints, and for people; to play the music that inspired us; to create music that challenged us while inviting listeners to join the journey.

In moments, I never thought I'd be writing notes for this album. We recorded it in the spring of 2013, but life happened. We all graduated in different years, moved to different places. This project moved out of orbit. This record was a culmination of a wonderful year of growth, but life happened again and it has turned into a beginning.

This summer, we are reassembling, reprising the old music, and recording the new. Though years have gone by, we would like to share our point of departure with you. Here is ago.

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released May 29, 2018

Aaron Janik- Trumpet
Alex Cummings- Saxophone
Matt Gold- Guitar
Shea Pierre- Piano and Keys
Dan Pappalardo- Acoustic and Electric Bass
Zaire Darden- Drums

Engineering: Issac Aaron Jones
Mixing: Feveband
Mastering: Peter Fernandez
Notes: Dan Pappalardo