Aaron Janik

Trumpet Player

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     Formed in 2010, KNMDK (Knomadik) is a powerhouse collective of pure animalistic creativity.  By slipping between a multitude of influences and genres including hip hop, rock, jazz, metal, electronic, and R&B, KNMDK conveys a sonically visceral narrative that is as captivating as it is exhilarating. KNMDK is a collective mentality as much as it is a collective of musicians.

KNMDK's long-anticipated LP: KNMDK 001 is here! To check out and purchase the music, click here!


De'Sean Jones - Tenor Saxophone, co-founder
Chase Jackson - Vibraphone/Effects, co-founder
Aaron Janik - Trumpet/Effects
Russell Gelman-Sheehan - Guitar
Conrad Reeves - Guitar/Production
Jon Dixon - Keys
CJ Alexander - Bass
Ashton Thomas - Drums