Aaron Janik

Trumpet Player

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Knomadik Outreach

   Knomadik Outreach is an important part of KNMDK. It is a worldwide educational outreach initiative used to engage with children in the value of making original, creative music to achieve greater life goals.  Our workshops include exciting and interactive performances as well as focused discussions on the value of open-mindedness in music to develop individuality, as well as communication and collaborative skills.  We tailor these discussions to the age of our students, working on more creativity-based exercises with younger students, to discussing career development strategies for high-school aged students, and providing them with critical scholarship information to find an affordable college education, be it musical or otherwise.  From small midwestern towns in Missourri and Ohio, to large cities like Los Angeles and New York, and to international cities like Beijing and London, Knomadik Outreach has traveled far and wide to pass on their love of music to aspiring and future professionals of all ages.